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24_tony: CTU almeida.
all the gold dust in her eyes won't reform into rain
you had and lost the one thing you kept in a safe place
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31st-Oct-2009 06:56 pm(no subject)
24_tony: CTU almeida.
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This journal is now partially friends only. All fandom related entries will stay public, and all real life ones will be private. Comment here to be added. All graphics are now at halolights.

And....information. I'm Sara, I'm in high school, extremely obsessed with many TV shows and alot of music. I have phases where I'm obsessed with one thing for a long period of time. And it's really late and I can't think of anything else, but you can check my user info for more.

Enter at your own risk!

Edit: At some point I meant to make this friends only, but then I got too lazy to mark everything as friends only. So then I just gave up. So everything is pretty much open! But if you want to friend me, I'm leaving this post open to comment on because it's better than commenting on a random entry. Thanks! :)
21st-May-2007 10:02 pm - 24
24_tony: CTU almeida.

That last hour was pretty much the greatest hour of the season, though. My nails are so long it's hard to type. That last scene? ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The much needed confrontation. Excellent. Excellent stuff. I love Jack, Bill, Nadia, Chloe, Tom, Karen, Powers Boothe. ALL. SO MUCH LOVE. And that LAST last scene? Oh my god, I'm going to cry. Is it next season yet???

This is why I love 24.
7th-May-2007 10:02 pm - (24)
24_tony: CTU almeida.
oh my god. oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god it's not real. oh my god no. oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god no it's not real. it's not. oh my god.
28th-Apr-2007 12:10 pm(no subject)
24_tony: CTU almeida.
New layout, yay! Finally. It's been forever. I got really sick of that original header. It was kind of bad. But great scene. Anyway, new header now (24, Jack/Chloe. Actually the actors.) Layout by newkidfan at interlinea.

One HTML question, that little side box that's over the header, how do I move it? I have no idea about coding or anything like that.

Back to AP Bio studying. (/not, but let's pretend that I am.)
22nd-Apr-2007 07:37 pm(no subject)
24_tony: CTU almeida.

This is so me, it's not even funny. The analysis at the end? Spot on. Literally.

I am so screwed for work.
10th-Apr-2007 11:02 pm(no subject)
24_michelle: the slow burn
This is a random rant, but I am so sick of really simple icons. I'm sure the coloring has had a million things done to it, but I can't see that. It doesn't look like it to me. The cropping is either eh or amazing, and most often it's EH. very. And there's no text. I understand that last part, but I'm sure sometimes people can figure it out. Where did all the creativity go???

Some simple icons can be gorgeous though. Especially with shows that are hard to icon. For example, (hard to guess what I'm about to say) 24. Such difficult images. I love simple icons there. But for higher resolution-picture shows, I'm just losing it completely.

On another note, I'm writing my one act. 10 pages and counting. Yay. I'm tired. I keep rearranging scenes and adding new characters and it's 11 pm now and I have a totally different plotline than I did at 8. Oy vey.

Lost tomorrow!

Don't throw it all away at the end of the day. We're throwing it all away. Sing a sad song, in a lonely place, try to put a word in for me. It's been so long since I've found a space, you'd better put in 2 or 3. We as people are just walking round, our heads are firmly fixed in the ground. What we don't see, well it can't be real, what we don't touch we cannot feel.
(best lyrics ever)
9th-Apr-2007 10:26 pm(no subject)
24_tony: CTU almeida.
24Collapse )

I have school tomorrow :)
5th-Apr-2007 12:13 am(no subject)
LOST_jack/juliet: you had and lost
24, Lost, icon_crack requests.

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here @ halolights.
3rd-Apr-2007 02:51 pm(no subject)
24_tony: CTU almeida.
24 fanfiction. Based on an insane dream I had last night.

Title: Desperate Measures
Author: Me.
Summary: Set between seasons 2 and 3, just an average, non-crisis day at CTU. Jack/Chloe, Chase/Kim.

Desperate Measures.Collapse )
3rd-Apr-2007 01:27 am(no subject)
24_tony: CTU almeida.
Back! Brilliant vacation, very relaxing. I read about 234234234 books. Finally. I can't ever find time to read during the year, too much work. I'm in the middle of Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton and it's absolutely incredible. I love books.

I had a passover seder tonight with my family. Well, 1/2 of my family. I found the afikomen and got a $15 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. I visited another 1/2 in DC over the weekend which was so much fun. I went shopping at the train station and got 2 pairs of shoes, 4 shirts, and a pair of sweatpants. It was fun. I'm ridiculous. 1/2 of that DC family 1/2 is coming back into the city this Friday and I'm dragging my 18 year old cousin around the city with me for a while. I'm excited. We have another seder tomorrow night.

24 was good tonight. *SLIGHT SPOILERS (my opinions on characters/relationships) if you scroll, my lj cut is broken. Or I just suck at code at 2 am.*

Jack/Bill/Chloe have no personality at the moment. I like Doyle more than I used to. MILO/NADIA = WIN OMG MY FAVORITE EVER. EVER. EVER. IF ANYONE KNOWS ICONS/FANFIC/ANYTHING EVER INVOLVING THEM, PLEASE LINK IT NOW. SERIOUSLY. In case that wasn't clear, Milo/Nadia > all. Tom > all. Karen/Tom > all. I still haven't jumped the Karen/Bill bandwagon yet. And I miss Tony. I miss the Jack/Tony dynamic. Wayne at the end, ?????? Sorry, just, ????? ?????? Sandra is an awesome lawyer. Milo/Nadia > all. I like the political plotline with the White House presidency thing more than I like the CTU/Jack/bomb plotline. They should've referenced the season 2 25th amendment thing. But whatever. Overall, pretty good episode.

Does anybody have the song from Music and Lyrics, I have clouds in my bed/above my head/fall back into love? It's amazing and I can't find it everywhere. Thank you!

Write One Act.
Study for AP Bio/Bio SAT II/US History SAT II.

Tired. I've lost my icon muse. I'll try anyway. OMG, I became obsessed with Hearts (the computer card game found from the Start menu -> accessories -> games -> hearts on a PC.) It's so good. I used to click randomly and always lose, but my cousin taught me how to actually play and now I always win.

What is Twilight? Who is Edward Cullen and Bella? People keep obsessing and I have no idea what's going on!

This week's Office looks good. There's a Jim/Pam video on YouTube that includes scenes from next week. Ooh, and my cousin showed me (I've referenced about 2349234 cousins in this one entry) the Charlie/Candy Mountain video on youtube. HAHA. Their accents are the creepiest things ever.
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